Storage sheds, Gazebos and Swingsets Moved

Prices starting at $495

Shed moving is a large part of our business. Over 20 years and over 15,000 sheds gazebos and swing sets delivered. We know what we’re doing! Our fleet of delivery trucks and custom designed storage shed moving equipment makes virtually any move possible. We offer our relocation services throughout New England however we have a very large network of shed dealers across the country and in many cases can refer you to someone in your area.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Pictures are VERY helpful and in most cases we will require some pictures of the shed, gazebo or swing set before providing you with a quote so please include them with your submission.

Storage Sheds and Gazebo Relocation

We offer a variety of relocation services each depending on the type of structure being moved. Prices can range from $100 for a small shed move and re-level to several thousand dollars for a long distance shed or gazebo move.

Shed/Gazebo Move within your yard

We will either load your shed on our trailer and move it across your yard or, depending on the size of the building, move it by hand. We suggest having your new shed site “prepped” (optimal) and ready. Alternatively, we can shim and level your building using concrete blocks and composite and wood shims.

Shed moves within the yard require us to have access to the shed as well as access from the current shed location to its new location..

Standard Shed/Gazebo move (off site)

Depending on the size of the shed we will use one of our trucks and specially designed trailers to pick up and deliver your shed to its new location.

Sheds from very small up to 14’ wide x 36’ long x 10’9” tall (total dimensions including overhangs) can be moved in one piece by truck and trailer. Access at both locations is required.

Sheds over 8’6” require travel permits which will be obtained by us.

In Massachusetts anything over 12’ 6” in width will also require us to use front and rear escort vehicles which we will provide. In some cases additional permits are required which we will also obtain.

For sheds larger than 10’ x 14’ we recommend a site be prepared to accept delivery. To learn more about how to properly prepare your shed site click here. If your site is not prepared we will shim and level your building using concrete blocks and shims up to 1 foot out of level. In some cases we will require you to have additional blocks on site.
Sheds 12’x20′ and larger should have a prepared site. The leveling of structures using patio blocks is not advisable.

Shed/Gazebo move with Disassembly (off site)

Some of today’s specialized sheds are modular and two or more pieces are fastened together to create one large structure. We will detach the pieces and reassemble them at the new site. In some cases a shed is delivered and the roof is assembled on site. We will remove the roof and trusses and reassemble the roof on site. In all roof reinstallation cases the shingles cannot be reused. You may provide us with the new shingles or we can provide them for you.

Gazebos often have a “pagoda” or second roof. Some pagodas can be removed in one piece and then reinstalled at the new site. Other pagodas must be disassembled and then reassembled on site.

Swing Set and Play Set Move within your yard

In almost all cases swing set moves require some amount of disassembly. From simply removing a wave slide to disassembling wobbly bridges and spiral slides we have done it all more than once.

If the swing set is extremely big or includes an elevated, fully enclosed fort (like a shed with legs) and is being moved a significant distance we may opt to use our skid steer (bobcat) with forks.

Beyond moving the swing set our installer will make sure everything is reassembled using new fasteners where needed. Further the installer can make adjustments and modifications where needed so your swing set sits properly on its new site.

Swing Set and Play Set Move (off site)

Moving a swing set from one home to another requires more disassembly than an “in yard” move. Most swing sets have a wooden or canopy roof which must be removed due to its height. Swing sets are top heavy and there is the chance of “racking” if the set is not handled properly.

Shed Demolition and Removal

Everything from garages to old barns and small sheds (wood or metal) disassembled or demolished and removed.

Small sheds are either loaded on our trailer in one piece and or if the shed is not sturdy enough to transport we demo it then haul away.

Larger sheds, barns and garages are disassembled or demolished. Typically, large structure demos require the use of our excavator and skid steer. In many cases we will have a dumpster on site.

Swing Sets/ Play sets – We have different levels of swing set moves

Standard Move – Disassemble the swing set as much as needed to haul off site and to the new location.

Deluxe Move – The same as our standard move however a swing set installer will inspect your swingset and replace, if necessary, any swing hangars, nuts, bolts and even individual components such as the slide(s), sling swings, toddler swings etc.

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