We Buy Sheds

At Skip’s we are always looking to buy used sheds! Why? Although the vast majority of our customers come to Skip’s to order a new building or select one from our extensive inventory there are times where color, style and layout just don’t matter. Or the customer is looking for a temporary solution to storage needs and doesn’t want to spend $200 per month on an offsite self storage unit. In these cases the lower the cost the better and that’s where the used sheds fit in.

The criteria for purchasing your used shed are the same as our shed trade in criteria. We will determine your sheds value and make you an offer. If accepted we will arrange a time to come and pick up your shed. You will be paid, usually by check at the time we pick up your shed.

Get a price for your shed

Please fill out the following form and please include from 4-6 pictures of your shed including the front, back, sides. List any options your shed has (loft, shelving, window boxes, cupola, etc.). Please also be sure we have access to remove your storage shed.

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