I have been an avid home brewer for many years, but was banished to the garage by my wife because she said I was taking up too much space in the house.  I dreamed of having a two story barn to call my own, but was unsure if it would be even possible or affordable.  Over the course of a couple weeks, I decided the Williamsburg was the perfect home for my home brewery.  At each step of the researching and ordering process, I received superb customer service.  From selecting the extra details, through delivery and installation.  Skip’s service was nothing short of spectacular.  I even received a follow up call a couple days after completion to ensure my satisfaction.  I have recommended to my friends and co-workers to visit Skip’s for their next purchase, as they won’t be disappointed!  Additionally, I did order a matching shed, but use it for the lawn mowers and yard furniture.  Thank you Skip’s for demonstrating that customer service is still alive and well!