Quality and Price:
Compared detailed construction specs for a 12×14 shed from Reeds Ferry, Post Woodworking, and Skip’s Outdoor Accents.  Just as an example, the roof shingles and flooring that were standard with Skips were upgrades with the other two.  For the same shed, Skips was at least $1,200 less than the other two.  Did the same comparison with other sheds advertised online, again, Skips won hands down – both in quality and price.
Sales Experience:
Bought my shed at the Sutton Store.  Don, the manager, was terrific.  Patient, knowledgeable, greate advice on options.  Explained pricing, specials, etc.. No problem holding my shed at the store for several weeks until I could take delivery at my new house.
When Joe delivered the shed he couldn’t have been nicer. And what a pro. He placed the shed on the pad in the back of the house and leveled it like it was a toy. Very impressed with his skill.
Customer Service
Had to return the cupola and weathervane I bought with the shed. No problem. Don and Skips’ management gave me a total refund. Had the refund check within a week as well.
– Jim