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25 Inch Rooster
Dimensions : 25"L x 19"H  Available: Polished and Blue Verde discount=.20;..

27 Inch Rooster
Dimensions : 27" L x 25" H Available: Polished and Blue Verde ..

28" Whale
Dimensions: 25"L x 15"H x 3"W Available in: Polished Copper ..

37 Inch Whale
37" Large Whale Item#: 505 Dimensions : 37"L x 16"H ..

American Flag
Dimensions: 31"L x 15"H Available in: Polished Copper ..

Attack Eagle
Dimensions: 17"L x 20"H x 26"W (wingspan) Available in: Polished Copper ..

Dimensions: 25"L x 23"H Available in: Polished Copper  ..

Bass with Lure
Dimensions: 27"L x 12"H Available in: Polished Copper  ..

Dimensions: 23"L x 9"H x 22"W Available in: Polished Copper ..

Blue Heron
This Blue Heron weathervane is available in a shiny polished copper finish and blue verde. The polis..

Crowing Rooster
Dimensions: 25"L x 18"H Available in: Polished Copper ..

Dimensions: 27"L x 16"H Available in: Blue Verde Copper ..

Dimensions: 30"L x 18"H x 19"W (wingspan) Available in: Blue Verde Copper ..

Flying Duck
Dimensions: 22"L x 20"H x 27"W (wingspan) Available in: Polished Copper  ..

Flying Pig
Dimensions: 24"L x 19"H x 12"W Available in: Polished Copper ..

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