Delivery Information

Furniture/Arbors etc. Delivery

Skip’s Outdoor Accents, Inc. offers delivery within 30 miles of all stores for items such as outdoor furniture, patio furniture, arbors, yard and garden accents, bridges and other items which may not ship via UPS. The minimum delivery fee is $40 and additional charges may apply.

Please contact us for reasonable delivery quote.

FedEX Shippable Items

Items which include the option for FedEX™ shipment will ship via the FedEX™ option you select. This charge will be calculated based on your zip code.

Pick up at Skip’s

By selecting the ” Pick up at Skip’s ” option you will be required to arrange for the pick up of your item at Skip’s Outdoor Accents, Inc. retail store. Skip’s will ship the ordered product to the closest store based on the information you provide during the ordering process. In the event you would like to have the item shipped into a specific store please make that note at the time of placing your order.

Certain ” stock ” or ” clearance ” items may require that you pick up the item at a specific retail store.

After you have placed your order, we will contact you when the item is available for pick up.

Product ordering lead times, vary by product, and can sometimes change.

For items marked with ” Skip’s Delivery “

Shed & Gazebo delivery items marked with ” Skip’s Delivery ” are delivered by Skip’s trained delivery teams.

Delivery and Service area for Sheds, Gazebos and Playhouses

Delivery of our storage sheds and gazebos is included within 30 miles of any of our stores. We also regularly service Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont ( additional charges may apply)

Skip’s also services the following states through our network of owner/operator haulers.

West Virginia
New Jersey
Southwestern NY

Wide-load Permits

Should your Skip’s Outbuilding or Gazebo exceed 8.5′ in width, we are required to obtain a wide-load permit for each state we travel through. This permit is taxable only in the state of CT. 12′ wide structures require an additional escort vehicle in CT. and RI. 14′ wide structures with require (2) additional escort vehicle in all New England States. The escort fee(s) will be calculated at the time of you placing your order.

Site Accessibility

We require that we have unobstructed access to your prepared site with our truck, trailer, and the product. Take into consideration power lines, sprinkler heads, fence sections, tree limbs and obstacles which may impede our delivery.

To determine how much room we will need for delivery add 3.5′ to the height of the product being delivered as it will be elevated on the trailer.

The width can be determined by adding 2 feet to the products width in the event we are driving or backing straight in. If we will be accessing the yard through a opening in a fence or between trees at an angle we will need additional space.

If you have a question regarding access to your site please contact us and a Skip’s Representative will answer them for you.

Site Preparation

It is important that your site is ready for your new outbuilding upon its arrival.

We recommend choosing a relatively level area within your yard as it will make site preparation much easier.

3/4″ crushed stone makes a great base for your new outbuilding and helps with drainage. A concrete slab is also a very good base. You may also elect not to prepare the ground in which case Skip’s delivery team will level your outbuilding as long as the site is within 6″ of grade using 2″ and 4″ concrete blocks and cedar shims.

In the event your site is more than 6 inches out of level it may be necessary for you to provide additional support blocks. Speak with your salesperson about your site conditions during the sale and they can help advise you.

If you have any questions about site preparation or would like us to provide site preparation service, please contact us.

On Site Installation

In the event the perfect site is not accessible by truck and trailer it is possible for Skip’s to erect your outbuilding on site. Please contact us and we will quote you a reasonable price for this service.